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..:: UML State Machine Framework

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..:: Robotics
..:: Booklet Maker
..:: Microscopy


..:: 8/1/2011
NSF V2.0 Release

..:: 2/24/2013
NSF Lower Cost

..:: 8/13/2014
NSF Open Source

Embrace new technologies

From design consultation to complete solutions, we offer engineering services for high-tech clients looking to augment their development staff. Our engineers are multi-disciplinary and have developed hardware architectures, electronics, communication networks, control systems, mechanisms, motion control systems, robotics, automation, and of course, software. We have been directly involved in successfully launching more than a dozen new products, ranging from robotic drug dispensing to electron microscopy systems.

Learn about a robot control system built on the NSF™ UML state machine framework. >>

Learn about a booklet maker control system designed by the North State Software team. >>

North State Software provides the following services:

  • Software Development
    • Embedded systems
    • Device drivers
    • Control systems
    • User interfaces
    • Internet applications

  • Systems Engineering
    • Product architecture and design
    • Electro-mechanical systems
    • Robotics and automation
    • Motion control
    • Systems integration

  • Consulting
    • Project management
    • Architectural reviews
    • Design reviews
    • Technology assessments
    • Requirements analysis

North State Software has experience with these and many other tools and technologies:

  • Languages - C, C++, C#, UML, HTML, XML
  • Operating Systems - Windows, RTX, Linux, eCOS, pSOS, VxWorks
  • Development Environments - Visual Studio, CodeWarrior, MonoDevelop
  • Version Control - TFS, Subversion, GitHub
  • Development Tools - WireShark, CANalyzer, OpenCV, Matlab/Simulink, LabView, PaintShop Pro
  • Networks - TCP/IP, CANBus, EtherCAT, Interbus-S, RS-485
  • Motion Control - BLDC, Servo, Stepper, Linear, Profile generation (s-curve, trapezoidal)
  • Methodologies - Agile, Incremental, Spiral, Traditional