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North State Software's mission is to help our clients develop and improve their products as efficiently as possible by creating extensible and reusable solutions that speed development now and are easily maintained later. Launched in 2008 by veteran control systems engineers Mark Uebel and James Rivenbark, the North State Software team has helped bring more than ten new products to market.

Mark Uebel

Mark Uebel, President & Co-Founder

Mark has 21 years of engineering leadership experience in high-tech product development. His technical specialties are in the areas of control systems software, electro-mechanical systems, robotics, and automation. Prior to founding North State Software, Mark was the manager of robotic systems at Parata Systems, LLC. Building on his architectural vision and guiding leadership, Parata launched five new products during his six year tenure, generating over $300m in revenue. Mark got his start in control systems and software at the NASA Goddard Space Robotics Lab where he conducted research and published several papers on dynamics based control algorithms for space tele-robotic systems. Since that time, he has worked in the robotics and automation field for Hughes, Myriad Logic, and Bowe Bell+Howell, contributing to eight patents issued and applied.

James Rivenbark

James Rivenbark, VP Development & Co-Founder

James has 17 years of experience developing automation systems. His multi-disciplinary background enables him to take ideas from concept to production, integrating components of software and hardware into a cohesive product design. Prior to founding North State Software, James was the principle controls engineer at Parata Systems, LLC. During his six year tenure, James led the development of control systems software for five new products, highlighted by the delivery of a $3m product in 90 days. Prior to Parata, James served as a senior software engineer at Bowe Bell + Howell, where he led the creation of a new controls framework for print-on-demand systems and developed software for a new series of automated inline mailers. James has five patents issued and applied.