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..:: 8/1/2011
NSF V2.0 Release

..:: 2/24/2013
NSF Lower Cost

..:: 8/13/2014
NSF Open Source

North State Software is an R&D services company that blends engineering expertise with software development skills. Our staff of multi-disciplinary engineers is uniquely qualified to create software solutions for scientific, robotic, and automation equipment. We provide software at all layers, including embedded firmware, device driver, user interface, and internet apps.

But, we are more than just coders - we have the engineering skills to solve a variety of challenging problems in the areas of motion control, machine design, sensors and actuators, just to name a few. From rapid prototyping to production quality systems, bringing together hardware and software components into a fully functional system is our specialty.

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North State Software frameworks are platforms for building automation and control systems. Whether used by us, or by you, these frameworks help drive down development costs by providing common infrastructure components. Easy to use and highly scalable, they will jump start your R&D and perform in your field deployed systems.

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Whether you are looking for a platform on which to build your product or a partner to help you develop it, North State Software can help. We promise to work with you to create high-quality, well-engineered products.